Fisher Men-At-Arms

On an even keel… The fisher men go out into the deep blue sea They see the battle of Tripoli … More

Location to the Third Power

The capitalists say it so much it’s like they’re trying to shove it up your location. It’s Location, Location, Location. … More

Mental Dominion

Country, control, and empire – like all fallacies – are ephemeral. What matters is the conquest of the turmoiled mind. … More

Soul Singing

For expressions so deep they need stage on high peaks For thoughts so unique they make language look weak For … More


Def: A photo-optic opportunity option (these three things put the “op” in “photo-op” 😉 Ex: Photo-Op and the Kute-Kitten Phenomenon, … More

Yolks for Folks:

Jokes proceed from….. HERE: Why is a gnome from the big city always on beat? The gnome is known to … More


A handle connects you to the tool at hand. Handles need aesthetics and ergonomic flow Handles need leverage points for … More

Rainier from 520

Tahoma -aka Mt. Rainier from Troll bridge 520 looking south over Lake Washington on LSD*, sunrise, 2017. *Lovely Summer Day