Fisher Men-At-Arms

On an even keel…

The fisher men go out into the deep blue sea

They see the battle of Tripoli

A few souls stand and fight

The great oceans’ deep might

They drag in a heavy weight of fish

And they cannot wait to wish

To be sure they are ashore…

But their ego can have no blemish

So they fish more and more

As waves crash they fish nonetheless

They know their skills are on the press

Struggle, fight, their lives are on the line

This is the time for them to define

Is the life of the men worth sinking the boat

Or should they just let this fish go afloat

They drift in the ocean mist with a hard list…

They fight….

On an uneven keel…

Their lives, the Ocean will seal

But their souls are brave as any large wave

May they always sail

Against the strongest gale

On an even keel….

Written by Tom Larson; Inspired by the movie The Perfect Storm


  1. I love it! I would comment more in depth but that wrist injury compels me to keep things short. But this is an excellent poem that tells a story with great visuals. I can’t think of the word to say that better–visuals. Oh, maybe visualization? And also historic and epic. I enjoyed reading this story-poem.


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