Hate Doesn’t Need Be

Hate is a funny word. It’s often used out of context. Regardless of definition, hate is a deep seeded, emotional … More


Def: A photo-optic opportunity option (these three things put the “op” in “photo-op” 😉 Ex: Photo-Op and the Kute-Kitten Phenomenon, … More

Humanity v. Greater Forces

Great construction and great destruction are both equally great in their own right. The congregated fervor and might of humans … More

Theft-based learning

If someone has knowledge, steal it. Morally, it’s fair, as they lose nothing. They still have it and now you … More

The Aggressive Buddhist

“You better love peace and kindness or else. We don’t tolerate hate here. Only love and compassion. So get loving … More

Random v Chaos

Random is just an illusion. Chaos is a description of multivariate dynamics beyond our ability to account for fully or … More

The Random Canundrum

There is this notion that random is not only real, but a commonality. But randomness It’s cognitively tedious and distracting … More

Knowing about Knowing

If you know everything about a subject at least you know you surely know little about it. As you know, … More