Are scientists mistaken in seeking the ‘Unified Theory of Everything’ while in actuality there may be no such thing?

If they indeed seek this theory, they are not mistaken exactly, but maybe over-stretching their limitations.

Here’s why: There is innately a unified “thing”; that’s the universe itself. There inherently cannot be a unified theory of the universe, as that theory would require equal or greater information than the universe fundamentally holds. So idealistically, there is unity; but practically, it’s nature is beyond some measly theory any sentient formations of matter can harbor or manipulate. It’d be somewhat delusion to think we can form a theory of everything, whilst knowing how hard it is to know anything.


  1. Although your perspective is interesting , but the unified theory might actually be correct due to a lot of reasons , which I might take up in a future blog post but calling it delusional is kind of absurd. People were thought to be delusional , when the idea of cloning was first stated so , I hope we can agree to disagree 🙂 Nice work !! Keep it up !

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