Less is More: More-or-Less

Less is More: A Less Cereal, More Stupid Poem… More-or-Less

Flaw flawless
Law lawless
Mind mindless
Time timeless
Fruit fruitless
Route ruthless

Teeth toothless

Wise fear is fearless
Wise cries are tearless

Save there is a lyrical miracle

But given it is seriously hysterical yet thoughtlessly philosophical.

Re-route truth to its roots as ruthless.
Contribute as to refute truth as toothless. That way it can’t bite through you, cuz you be through this, as you chew bits.

Bits of truth you filter and figure.

But ultimately, with rigor I’ll figure why is this:
Cheesy power isn’t sour if the cream is clean and curdless

Even starving poets get stupid hungry. Or just hunger for a bit of stupidity.

Or do they do this?


  1. I love it!! I love serious stuff too but the poems are like strawberry waffles to me. Irresistible. This is an excellent twist on words and so very satisfying like whipped cream on waffles.

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