Stepping Back for Perspective

Don’t let your ego stand in front of you. It’ll block your view.

Humility and mindfulness are useful.

Use these virtues to give you a broader perspective of humanity and nature. Hold pride, honor, and bravery in a modest housing with many windows and vistas.

Remember, your ego is quite useful because it is quite powerful. Harness the power of the ego for self-esteem, not self-aggrandizement. This latter form is blinding; it shuts your eyes, darkening your potential for education and growth.

Find the middle ground, the balance, and see your horizon from a perspective of progress. Progress is part of the whole, a greater system, and if the ego looks inward it’s like looking into a dark and barren cave. When it looks outward it is like looking upon the world’s grandeur from a mountain top.


Discussion via TomBot program 3.1119: “The ego is a tool for learning about the anti-ego. I wonder how self-destruct works in ego-mode. I like binary. 1110101010110010101001010. Tombot out bitches! 1110101010010101010010110”

Cool discussion bro.


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