Humanity v. Greater Forces

Great construction and great destruction are both equally great in their own right. The congregated fervor and might of humans can build great things. The congregated fervor and might of the Earth can disassemble great things. What the Earth alone can never undo is the congregated fervor and might of those it fails to disable.

The final blow that Earth can deal is cessation of the churning of it’s iron core, leaving us unshielded from the Sun’s photon- and particle-radiation. Before this, or the red-giant phase of the Sun, we will attempt exodus. We’ll know to go when the Earth turns slow and days are many days long, as nights last a fortnight, and the sky burns red.

Humans will rise and fall with nature’s tenacity; but will rise to fall again with their own tenacious nature. In the end we will rise, likely away from the fair-weather friend we call Earth, to fall upon a new place to rise against. Naturally we’ll go, bringing our nature: in plants, animals, soil, minerals, technology, and human mentality onward as extraterrestrial colonies; greatly constructed of mettle and metal.

I pray to the Sun God, that his minor gods (Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) have safe harbor with access to a domicile-worthy space for our progeny.

Human resiliency and spirit to survive will not die. It’s too beautiful to be consumed by entropy so soon.

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