True: Truth is a Lie. Or Just False?

The truth is just a lie” is a true statement if it’s true that truth is real only as neurons in a brain, and so existing relativistically per person. This yields universal truth as a lie but truth as a universal human trait plausible (i.e. neither true nor false). Meaning, believing truth to be true is truly something that occurs.

Now, we must notice a lie must be differentiated from a false statement. Untrue statements are inherently a performance of applying falsehood rather than being false truly. To lie is prevarication, deception, or an otherwise intended misattribution. Therefore, it’s not a lie to say something that is not true if you believe it isn’t false.

In the end, the lesson here is one of relativism. Truth’s nature is not in the external world but rather in the internal world of the cognitive agent which mentally manifests truth. Truth is not a lie to the believer, but may be considered a lie to a non-believer, even though technically it is true to someone.

True? Or do you believe it’s true I’m just lying?


    1. Tal vez es solo un hecho de la vida. Truthiness that is.

      Die Wahrheit kann nicht über den Betrachter hinaus richtig oder falsch sein. That’s just how truth works. It’s essentially just a delusion which may or may not have direct correlation to reality.


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  1. “It’s essentially just a delusion which may or may not have direct correlation to reality” – that is quite open-ended; but may bring one to the edge of Science and Theology. To leave Science one will have to cross over on a bridge called faith to land on the shores of Theology (not religion) – and there Truth can be pursued on a much grander scale than mere neurons, although neurons, and the sciences, are important too.

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