Listening as Knowing

It’s easy to forsake what you hear as blather. But words from other minds are valuable. When you listen you are hearing from another knower. When you listen you are granted a gift.

In anthropology, we are taught we are not the knowers; we are the listeners. Our beloved subjects are the ones who know. They teach us. Listen to the knowers – in any shape or form – and perhaps you can know too. This logic applies to all things.

When one listens one can learn. Because they pause their mentality and accept new input. To listen is to have a chance at knowledge.

You know nothing if you just hear noise. Just as you know nothing from silence. Listen. Knowledge exists only from hearing what others have to say.

You can only know something if you listen…..

Addendum: If you were to meditate mindfully and be truly calm you would also be forced to listen. In a state where you are quiet in mind and body you are and to hear something. What it is is only known to you in that moment. It may be many things from many sources but the important thing is that you are listening to something you would normally never listen to. And that is educational in a way only you can create. Indeed, you can listen and learn to yourself. But my main point here is still to achieve learning to listen to others for your own sake of knowing.


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