Anomalies as Nominal: Abnormal is Normal

It’s easy to think bizarre things are of the realm of our typically contrived normal. However, according to logic and statistics, if nothing deviates from the normal then we are not in reality. It’s impossible to have only normal things because normal is relativistic and so needs non-normal to exist; without it’s inverse it self-annihilates.

Outliers are required for normal data sets. When you have a normal distribution in statistics you inherently have outliers. You need anomalies for normality’s bounds.

Sure, this is obvious. But what does it really mean? It means in our day-to-day lives we may experience bizarre or disturbing things. Rather than recoil or be fearful, know this anomaly is normal. And go further to realize that you witnessing or being a part of an anomaly makes you anomalous too… that’s normal.

Regardless of all though, be grateful for anomalies; without them there would be no outliers to unfold and so normal to behold.

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