Every Day is Training Day

Training is as it sounds: “Choo-choo chug-a-lugging” by means of an engine more powerful than you. You’re being freighted along by something fast and sure-guided. Trained on a track as you now couldn’t otherwise travel; cargoing you beyond your comfort zone.

Once you arrive, you’re ready to be there. Train again or settle contently in your destination. Just know it’s not a final one. You’re training tends to beget more training; and so it is a journey that never ends. It can evolve into a company of interconnected railroads, granting you access to many destinations more.

Soon the passenger will be the conductor. But remember, conductors are always passengers too. And the freight is always anew. Just be sure you’re not training with an empty rail car.

Every day is training day. You just need to find the train and get on.


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