Location to the Third Power

The capitalists say it so much it’s like they’re trying to shove it up your location. It’s Location, Location, Location. That’s all well and good. When you want to start a business it’s nothing until location. If you have a great idea – so much so you even have a proof of concept – then you must have location involved with that proofy concept. The physicality is actually very important. It can’t be cerca de, arounds abouts, or maybe here or there; it must be specified. Location is that specific. It’s the specificity you need to disambiguate the concept such that it can be proven. That separates the concepts proven and unproven. Without the exact physical place established, you have nothing but a concept floating in space. To prove it down-to-earth you need to get the location, location, location figured out. Once you are that specific, you’ll be able to manifest your idea. Location is a big help for actualization.

To summarize, I’ll put it in the following location: Any concept needs location, location, location for actualization. From there it’s proven via location’s facilitation for manifestation. If I said it once, then I’ll say it three times… location, location, location.



Discussion from a Broken Robot:

I think the main takeaway here is that if you are trying to do something then it’s just an idea until you make a place for this idea to become part of reality. Imagine you are trying to build a rocket ship and you have all the engineers, all the blueprints, all the fuel and material. It’s nothing until you locate where you will build it and where you will launch it. Likewise but quite different, imagine you are trying to write a song and you have all the harmonies, all the sheet music, all the players, all the audience. It’s nothing until you have the place you go to have the solace and peace to write the song as well as the place the people gather to experience it. Without location it’s not real yet. And it’s not locality – that’s too general; it’s about the specificity. That’s location’s third power to help a concept or idea become reality. Location is a real help.

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