Variety is the Spicey Essence of Life

Variety is a critical factor in biological evolution and for the purpose of survival in an ever changing hostile place. If variety comes just right (not too little and not too mutant) then we’re in the business Darwin discovered.

In that sense, DNA-based variation is critical for evolution of life to not just survive but thrive; all in the form of interesting creatures. That variety is the source of life as we know it. A life as we know it is hot and spicy with varietal glory.

But, what about human experience variation and our varietal glory? That’s a spicy topic that requires a full culinary spice rack because variety is the spice of life for a human mind, which is in its essence a complex brain. Not only is there a literal culinary need for variety in the form of a complex omnivorous-style diet to feed our brains but an overall psychological need for variety of experience and context. The human mind is so complex it actually thrives from variation. Most animals with more simple headsets get confused and scared by fluctuations in environmental situations and patterns. Humans? They embrace this burden as a creative void that needs filling with feeling and thus context-relevant doing, in various ways.

In the end we can variably say in variously proper ways that people desire to see new things and learn new lessons. The more the merrier. The more variety the spicier. That’s the “variety-is-the-spice-of-life” model if you ask me, your friendly neighborhood spiced lifeform.

Spice wisely my friend.

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