Imagination Station: Is there a Terminus?

Where does imagination end? Are there impossible things for a human mind to imagine? Suppose we became so brilliant we could imagine most things, What could we not imagine?
The brain must do what it does and that means maintain ideology. Regardless, we will always be our natural self and be pattern-seeking smarty pants apes.

If you don’t believe that then try to absolutely not imagine a white bear. What did you just imagine? Imagination is an interesting thing.

Moral of Story: Nothing is impossible if you have imagination. Imagination cannot be impossible. All things imagined are possible as imagination is a real thing, in a real human brain. Go imagination!

The end of the road for imagination is bound to the end of the road of humans with imagination. That road should be quite long. I hope it’s infinite.


  1. Missing your thought-provoking posts. Glad you’re back !
    Love the “…. be pattern-seeking smarty pants apes.” 😊
    Imagination is both wonderful and dangerous, for therein also lurks the undesirable, the ugly and most scary of all – deception. ‘ If the light in you is dark, how dark is the darkness !
    We must continue to use our imaginations, for without it there would be no great achievements, and 😒 no stories !! Life without stories would be unimaginable !


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