Failure, Success… Why Differentiate?

A failure is only a failure when chosen to be so. One human’s failure can easily be that person’s successful lesson.

You see: failure is not pure negation, but stagnation in which you accordingly understand your miscalculation.

Thusly, failure is nothing but a means to show you vividly your mistake, with clarity to guide your future successes you’ll surely create.

Remember: failure reiterated and reanalyzed begets success incessantly.


  1. Well spoken sir. Never quit, die trying, love every moment, fear nothing. (Unless of course your new found wisdom shows it was a bad idea to begin with). Lol

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  2. Worthwhile thoughts. Reminds me of Feynman, the same equations have the same solutions. Personally I enjoy failure, although I haven’t quite perfected it, and I’m not stopping any time soon. 😄

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    1. I reckon in a broad sense success and failure can be equivalent systems. When trying to accomplish something, if you fail but learn from it and try again with your new lesson in mind, then the end result will be the same if you only had success along the way.

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  3. They say kids especially need to fail because if done properly it teaches them coping skills and how not to give up. And also that we are more than just productive human beings. Even if we were totally paralyzed and could not accomplish what society considers “success” we are still worthy of being alive and loved. Makes me think of Stephen Hawking. But even if a person is no Stephen Hawking and has to live their paralyzed life in an institution they are still a worthy human being. It seems like, however, “all we need is love” is incorrect because we do need money. Unfortunately, that seems to be what makes us feel like failures more than anything. Not being able to make enough money to survive. As I approach old age, I worry about that. I don’t have a million bucks in a 401 K somewhere and I worry about will I be able to sustain a high quality life in my old age? That is when I realize that I must keep it simple and be satisfied with the necessities. So much to think about really, what matters in life? I realize more and more that it is food and a roof over my head and not being lonely. Loneliness kills.

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    1. Indeed. If your mentality is content and your able to intake many nutrients and be shielded from the elements, then I’d say that’s wealth and riches.


  4. We think alike. There are people who fail even before they begin because that is how they see the outcome. We are what we think. I am working on a complex project right now. Even my husband recently said to me to not be disappointed when I fail because I don’t have the money or the contacts for it to be successful. It showed me what he thought about what I’m doing. When I do fail it is not because i quit or because I doubted myself. People say they wished they could do this or that, ” I really wanted to be writer, but . . .” But they didn’t have enough confidence they could withstand the failure.


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