Letter to a Tacit Confederate

Dearest Colleague,

You are my one and only, highly prized, priceless confederate. An ally and joint-operator of a like mind; we are a mutual find with both of us to credit. Your scientific prowess, keen wit, and intellectual bravery are reinforced with enduring friendship. Your the best confederate a kooky scientist like me could idealize. We’re both Yankees but we sure know how to confide in a confederation. And your a sign I’m not insane, or at least not the only one. For that: I kindly thank you.

In confidence and gratitude,

Your Confederate in Life and Science

Dedicated to Adrian Andelin


    1. Yeah, that’s why I had to and the Yankee joke to distinguish what meaning of confederate I intended. At least in psychology research, a confederate is someone secretly in on a study to held subtlety guide a participant for the goal of the experiment. I’m using it as some sort of hybrid, like a “friend and confidant, with shared inside-knowledge”.


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