Existentia Aeterna

We have always existed and always will. Just in differing thermodynamic and physicochemical states.

I have to say, so far this is my favorite state to exist in. But I’m neither an absolute cosmic historian nor a seer; and likely the matter that constitutes me right now was prior – and will be hereafter – unable to form a conscious entity.

For now though, what do I know? I know a bit about right now…


  1. Hey dear!!why have you not answered on my comment-all Existence is eternal in this life and after thè end of life.because soul is immortal and every existence has soul-a part of supersoul.right or wrong.plz reply.


    1. Whether or not reincarnation is certain, I posit: prior to humanity, and our planet itself, I assume that what we are now was in existence, just no where near how it is now. I extend this assumption to beyond humans, and even beyond time, to a state of the universe so deep in entropy, matter and possibly space-time are no longer existing and thus all that remains is the energy of everything. With all that in mind, what is “supersoul” and where could it fit in this picture I’ve assumed?


      1. Oh ,dear!!please try to understand.you has written”every exictence is eternal”,it is absolutely true because one is spoiled but one’s seeds are seem in same shape after growing.may be those are trees ,creatures,humans and all universal things.hey dear!!heŕe too,as i saying wrong?plz reply.


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