Soul Singing

For expressions so deep they need stage on high peaks

For thoughts so unique they make language look weak

For emotions so heavy and mighty words seemingly meek

Silence is a freak your trumpet will defeat

You must pour not leak, don’t creep take a leap…

over consciousness and reflex, have faith in instinct

Words from high still fall deaf on the land

Immutable song is a form all now understand

Intuition writes your song to each a seed sown

Unbind the thoughtful confines your song has grown

There’s no need to rehearse a well recognized unknown

For, forces of nature harmonize beeches and peaks

Music naturally translates as humanity speaks

Yes, music is the soul’s own speech…


  1. Marvellous,dear!!all lines are wonderfull speacially”intuition writes your song to each a seed sown…../silence is a freak ,your trumpet will defeat….” is soul’s own speech.i admire your feeling in the poem.weldone.😊

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