The Living Desert

Desert can mean to abandon or be dull
Or land waterless, barren, and sandfull
In this sense it’s use is a misapplication
For the living deserts of Arizona:
Sonoran, Mohave, Chihuahuan, and Great Basin…

Of hills and mountains, valleys and canyons
There’s no abandon, only companions
Fauna and flora live pleased as can be
A niche for all: snake, bird, bat, bug, man, tree
Seasons are profound, though oft hard to see
Summer rains bring green, making desert tea
Winters bring cool, dry calm in harmony

Seasons aside, desert life will abide
Rain water hides, under rock it resides
Summer rivers flow brown with loud resound
Winter rivers flow slow, bound underground
Desert’s life always has a drop to drink
With desert instinct, no worries to think
This is no place for death, it’s life in sync

Deserts can be on mountains high and dry
Descending to hills and plains far below
Flowers and butterflies come by and by
To show, if you don’t know, deserts can grow


  1. Very true. Find a quiet spot out in the desert and sit quietly and wait. It slowly comes to life in a beautiful way. A little rain? Frogs come out of the ground after sitting idly for months living their little existence waiting patiently. Quite amazing in the desert if one takes the time to see it live

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    1. Sounds like you know it can grow. After hiking the Huachuca Mountains and the San Pedro Riparian Zone I was inspired to inform about this reality. Growing up in the desert I took it’s liveliness for granted but I’ve noticed many forest and city slickers are under the misconception the SW is a dead zone with a few cactus.

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        1. I try to embrace all landscapes, but Phoenix and LA offer me a challenge, lol. I like the Puget Sound cityscape as their strategy involves parks large and small heavily mixed in with buildings

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    1. Arizona’s deserts are pretty awesome year round. I’ve lived in the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest and the low and high deserts of the Southwest. As well as a winter in AK. I need to spend a year in the green, humid south though, thinking Savanna, Georgia.

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      1. I was born in the bay area in California, and have done my share of driving on Interstate 40 from Arkansas to California, and back. The painted dessert is pretty.

        I have always wanted to visit Savanna Georgia, too, but Tennessee is the farthest to the east I have been.

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