All People Are Created Special

You’ve heard it, “Everyone is special in their own way.” Then one asks, “How can everyone be special? That means everyone has specialness in common. That’s not special.”

Here’s where logic comes in…

If every one is special then no one is special. Right? Not quite. Broadly, everyone is part of the Earth, which is itself relatively special in myriad ways, thus granting everyone that is part of the Earth special. Really, it’s just the uppermost surface layer and atmosphere that are where the special happens. From rock eating bacteria a mile deep, to the water table and water cycle on the surface where life giving sun shines plants into the food for animals, all walking and even flying about in a shallow nitrogenous and oxygenated gas layer. This could be special.

Another specialty we might have is the Goldilocks-style-just-rightness of our position relative to our gentle little giant star. We’re probably (statistically) not perfectly special in this trait but I’m sure every star system with an Earth-like planet in a habitable position doesn’t have a bunch of special humans too.

The Earth is a planet special in it’s own way and also in ways nearly replicable; but from what we see astronomically, it is indeed in a cosmological class of its own. That’s special, and so is us, everyone. (Tiny Tim reference… anyone?).

Special or not, leave a thought in the comments so we can widdle this down to a fine logical detail or twelve.


  1. I so agree, ‘our gentle little giant star’ Earth is special. Special is were the humans are, the rest is just science.
    Love this post, you’re special too ProfTomBot 😊

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  2. According to Albert Einstein – ” Everybody is a genius; but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” If one extrapolates the concept of being ‘special’ to be a ‘genius’ I am with Einstein on this one. I have written an article on my website on this subject, titled: Get into the Genius Zone and unlock your maximum potential Feel free to check it out!


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