Phrase Shift for a Phase Shift

Seattle to Tacoma Conversion:

TomBot’s mind-body unit was translated geographically from Seattle to Tacoma….. the re-allocation was more than physical, more moving than his belongings, more than just another transition. TomBot’s stored information had to be re-configured and compiled with a newly developed coding language. Despite this, this TomBot model’s hardware was unchanged but software and memory anomalies lacking proper analytical models have been detected.

Now outdated, TomBot had to trouble shoot the situation to define a compatible operator identifier and execute without dividing by zero and crashing his new system.

Here is the process summary via the new-user data log:

TomBot -> TacoTom -> TomTaco -> TomInTaco -> Tomi_N_Taco -> Tommy_in_N_Taco

Tom is now Tommy in North Tacoma

The system was overridden by the administrator and the identifier redefined as TacoTom. This is for ease of use as well as truncation and simplicity, let alone hilarity. TacoTom doesn’t take himself too seriously; just to serendipity.

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