Word-Smith Challenge: The Hunt for Deeper Understanding

Word-Smith Challenge: “Word-Smith Challenges” are linguistic ingenuity challenges demanding top quantity and quality responses.

The objective for this one is to make acronyms from H-U-N-T that are reflexive and bound to the theme: “Success in knowledge hunting”. Feel free to do your own first and comment your gems, if you like.


Hidden Understanding Neurologically Transforms.

Hunt Untaught Nourishing Thought

Hunt Until Newly Taught

Harness uneducated natural teachers

Hypothetical under-takings nourish thought


#HUNT = Hash-tag untagged negates tweet

This game is a HUNT (hypothetical undertaking necessarily thoughtful)

Best to Worst order of the “Humans Undertake Nonsensical Tasks”

1.Harvest Understanding Nature(ally) Teaches(taught) (The Hunter must first collect the bounty readily available to fuel the chase)

2. Hone Unknown Nuanced Targets (The Hunter must reduce vague, ambiguous information into a precise encounter)

3. Harnessing Utility Not Taken (The Hunter must take advantage as first customers of unmarketed, overstocked tools; just convert currency to calories)

4. Hacking uni-coded natural technology (The Hunter must manipulate nature with fundamental principles that are specialized per operating ecosystem)


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