Can’t Lose a Mind Profound:

The Man chains you, bonds you, brings you down

Fast forward regret, wish your time rewound.

Feeling in pause, engage play nonetheless

Keep a clean mind entrenched by worthless mess

Worth can’t be chained, bound, downed

The nightmare’s lost, the dream found

A symphony composed of mindful sound

Take the car, afar, to a junkyard hound

Lock away, no dismay, minds don’t impound

The Man pains you, blames you, brings you down

So make down up

Pain to gain

Blame to fame


A mind game

Win every round

No mind lost

No cost found

Time well spent

Change abounds

Displace disdain

Let bliss remain

In prison

In sane

Out water main

Regret is a stain

Washed by the rain

A lesson learned on life’s fast lane

Paves strip for the getaway plane

Any prison, encryption, are flawed all the same

A mind won’t wane if it waxed the whipping cane

Your mind is a animal you can’t tame or contain

Minds don’t impound

Never get lost with a mind profound.

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