Restrooms Are Meant for Rest, Proper

*Fun For Thought: This is a first of hopefully many comedic takes on life, philosophy, linguistics, and all else of humorous fodder. This category is both meant to be funny as well as thoughtful.*

If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down.

There’s more to this story:
Pee on pee, poop on poop, but never poop on pee. Poop on pee and you’ll feel, not see, urine splashing on your booty, stealing your poopy glee.

Notable: You can pee on poop, but there may be atmospheric repercussions. If you urinate with sufficient force – man or woman – you risk aeration of poop particles. Enough said.

*I’m very serious about my humor.
Are you picking up what I’m laying down? I’m goofing but not playing around.*


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