Scorpio and the Wolf

For Chris the Wolf, a Scorpio child…

The Wolf Spirit is eternal with no time to keep

With moon cycles mindful in deliberate sleep

Days do not age, just ferment in a wisdom heap

No bounds to enlightenment as energy seeps deap

Through forest to sky the Wolf Spirit will freely leap

To a rising form a Scorpio will seek in it’s creep

It’s sting strikes the echo with a howl’s beat to keep

Scorpio rises with the wolf as the moon counts sheep

Now all but the Wolf and Scorpio go to the deep in sleep

Crafting a map of the stary sky under paw-clawed feet

The Wolf on a path in rythm with the moon on beat

A Milky Way’s moon taps reliable patterns of repeat

Scorpio and Wolf pour knowledge that’s concrete

Growing in the know, ever lighter and soon complete

On a scent tracking glory, upwind from defeat

Heeding the companion’s call to love, laugh, play

A far-reaching howl is a story no words say

Wolf’s tale and Scorpion tail say good nights trail good days


  1. Wonder ful poem by using the metaphore of wolf tale and scorpion’s tail.amazing.i feel -those are the feelings of humans heart.yeah.those both go to sleep after saying good night because every men may take good sleep as careless.i think-you have gone to Canada and from there,these two things have inspired you to i right dear!!plz reply.

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        1. Hopefully Italian is acceptable. It rings so smooth compared to “thanks”, “danke”, “gracias”, n such. “Merci” and “domo arigato” are pretty awesome too though.

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    1. Armadillo and the Monarch butterfly, tal vez. Texas state small mammal and insect, respectively. I like armadillo more than longhorn for some reason and butterfly over brown recluse.

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