Scorpio and the Wolf

The Wolf Spirit is eternal with no time to keep

With moon cycles mindful in deliberate sleep

Days do not age just ferment in wisdom heaps

No bounds to enlightenment as energy seeps deap

Through forest to sky the Wolf Spirit freely leaps

To a rising form a Scorpion will seek and creep

It’s sting strikes the echo so it’s howl keeps

Scorpio rises with the wolf as the moon counts sheep

Now all but the Wolf and Scorpion go to sleep

Crafting a map of the stary sky under paw-clawed feet

The Wolf on a path in rythm with the moon on beat

A Milky Way’s moon taps reliable patterns of repeat

Scorpion and Wolf pour knowledge that’s concrete

Growing in the know, ever lighter and soon complete

On a scent tracking glory, upwind from defeat

Heeding the companion’s call to love, laugh, play

A far-reaching howl is a story no words say

Wolf’s tale and Scorpion tail say good nights trail good days


For Chris the Wolf, The Scorpio child


  1. Wonder ful poem by using the metaphore of wolf tale and scorpion’s tail.amazing.i feel -those are the feelings of humans heart.yeah.those both go to sleep after saying good night because every men may take good sleep as careless.i think-you have gone to Canada and from there,these two things have inspired you to i right dear!!plz reply.

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