The Scales Are Balanced by Your Outlook

Imagine positivity like a balance beam:

When negativity mounts and tips the scales to the minus side, don’t get upset. Begin work. Think of how to draw positivity out of the negativity or from an external source. Don’t cease this work until it is balanced. Then, continue to draw positivity until the scales tip to plus.

This is easiest done by addressing any failure or lacking by learning a lesson from it. It’s then easy to add more positive weight by counting your blessings and heaping them on scale, or by being kind despite upset, or looking at how beautiful life really is. Fundamentally, notice how nothing can bring you down. If something does, try critiquing yourself as: too lazy to fight back with a hug and a smile.


  1. Good words of encouragement because reality really is based on our perception. Or rather our reaction to reality is based on our perception. The facts won’t change until our perception changes. And sometimes the facts remain the same such as when a death has occurred. That is why I say we cannot always change the facts but we can change how we react to it such as not using unhealthy vices to cope but instead learning mindfulness or taking positive action. Good words my friend.


    1. Thank you for addition. Regardless of life’s burdens, we are alive. So we must act like we are alive with joyous gratitude and a mindful mind that suits such an honor.


  2. It is like my clients who are on the verge of killing themselves or other people. Talking can change the balance in the brain and put it into the positive. We are all just a chemical mix floating through the universe. At least we get to enjoy the ride. I don’t think the rocks out there are thinking very much during their long lives, haha.

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