Subatomic Vagabond Particle: The Electron

Electrons are the most ephemeral part of the atom. At least of atoms in states we’re familiar with here on the surface of Earth.

For instance: Electricity moving along a wire doesn’t push the metal in the direction of current. It pushes the electrons and most of the atom stays about where it is (other than it’s flying through space on a rock falling into a fusion plasma ball spiraling amongst countless others in a universe, let alone quantum fluxes ;).

Anyway…. most radiation emanating from an atom is innately due to energy buffering and exchanges through the electric force via the electrons distance and momentum from the atomic nucleus. This is also inferential to how elements (atoms) are defined by their protons and neutrons, which in turn can indicate their possible orbiting electron quantity and energy states, which in turn determines the atom’s essence of relation to other atoms.

This Vagabond Electron is a Multi-Modal Floater. Acting as some sort of overlooked, quantum physical arbiter that makes the world interact, all thanks to it’s ephemeral style.

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