What is the origin of gravity?

It’s possible gravity is an interaction between massive particles with force carriers exchanging in an unseen dimension. This would describe why we perceive gravity as matter-to-matter attraction working at a distance. A similar logic would explain electric and magnetic interaction. Just as photons are massless, timeless(fastest), force carrying particles so too could be a graviton. Gravitational waves are theorized and observed to propagate/interact at c (c=speed of light, i.e. speed of electromagnetic radiation/interaction).

The underlying origin may be impossibly unobservable, in a dimension we can only indirectly perceive through our classical Newtonian* and Einsteinian* worldview. We need things like math to surpass boundaries like these, which are set biologically by our evolution in a macro-scale habitat.

Note: This is best understood by moving beyond classic*- to quantum-gravitational perspectives. How massive bodies interact and how their particle/force carrier facilitates interaction at an apparent distance is best investigated in terms of quantum-scale phenomenon (and so, non-intuitive levels). Our perspective of gravity is inherently indirect/inferred. Gravity as just a force, either on cosmological or atomic and subatomic scales, we can understand. It’s negligible (and often viewed as irrelevant) on tiny scales due to it’s relative weakness among the electric, strong, and weak interactions. However, to understand gravity as a speed-of-light, non-contact (acting at a distance) force requires dimensions we cannot see – but that are mathematically required – to explain gravitational phenomenon; from solar system orbits to black holes.

*Newtonian/Einsteinian/classic => refers to intuitive, 4 dimensional (3 spatial + 1 temporal dimensions), as well as special relativity (space-time and it’s “curvature” as described by Einstein, et al.) which do not offer explanation of gravity’s underlying dynamics or origin.

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  1. A question from the peanut gallery : What is darkness ? – other than the absence of light.
    Is darkness and gravity the same thing ? All a mystery to me. Thank you.


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