What does a scientist who found the theory of everything deserve?

Extreme scrutiny and skepticism. True science knows no truth, let alone something about everything. We can’t build a theory of everything, so one who claims to have constructed such a theory is assumed wrong. Confirmation bias, disregard/ignorance, and arrogance lead to such theories and often they are obliterated with rational and critical thinking.


      1. A lot of genius mixed with difficult speech. Read a summary if you get a chance. It almost reads like theology squared, if that’s possible. Lol most of it’s been debunked by science, but impressive nonetheless.

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  1. Middle school science classes have pounded this idea into my head: Nothing in science can be proven. Enough experimentation and research can provide substantial evidence to support a claim, but the claim can never be completely proven, as science is tentative. While the theory of everything is an intriguing concept, I doubt it will ever be discovered. It makes too large of a claim.

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    1. So much of applied science is quite reliable. There are some challenging topics for sure, and those take a little time, but using scientific fact gives us many things completely unheard of in the past. Plastics, computers, alloys, and so forth. Quite reliable but took a bit of patience and discovery to get there. And we’ll get there!

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      1. Right. But to proclaim understanding of the fundamentals of the fundamentals is beyond human theoretical/brain power at this – or any near – time. Hence my point with this blog. Per usual I’m mostly going for a thought prompt here more than preaching some absolute truth or ideal.

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  2. Parabola Critical thinking can prove ‘The Theory of Everything’, but it does have to take Everything into account.
    All the clues have been provided like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
    After all, we do exist on a little Planet on the outskirts of The Cosmic Milky Way Galaxy.
    Sibyl X

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  3. Thank you for your curiosity. Closed minds will never progress.
    I’m human and I’m not bound by your limits just like you’re not bound by mine.
    Each has a piece or pieces of Life here’s jigsaw puzzle, we are surrounded by them.
    So, there must be Life-Scientists with the Acumen & Ambition to play this Game of CHESS.

    Sibyl X

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