War and Peace: A Peaceful Warrior

I shall stand and fight as a warrior of peace. My weapons are love and kindness. They cannot deliver harm, only payloads of hope. For they are forged in a fire of compassionate desire. They are made not of metal and hate, but rather an alloy of care and joy. Once smelted, they are poured into a mould of honor and justice.

This composite material and its righteous form will conquer all. Ruling with an iron fist and a cold heart is for the commander-in-weak. I would rather rule with an open hand (an ironic fist) and a kind heart like a companion-in-chief, just call me companion so we can keep it brief….

You see, the industry with gears grinding toward war will soon feel only sorry sick, and sore. When might and mettle is geared for good, soon the industry feeds fuel where it should; toward lovelier days in the neighborhood.

If you join a war or engage in any sort of battle, remember your mettle and leave your metal; but always bring your might. Like the man in Tiananmen Square don’t just stand and stare, stand with humble bravery, even if all you brought was care-for-life to a tank fight. Peaceful arts over martial arts will give shine to the armor of a righteous knight. Still white hot from the forge your state-of-the-heart desirearm (firedisarm) with a love-laser sight glows with loving kindness, caring joy, and compassionate peace, upliftingly light, and forever bright.

You have infinite ammo with finite targets. Prepare for glory! Charge…

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  1. This is a wonderful ideal (Jesus says the same in the New Testament story) but I tend to subscribe to the just war doctrine. It’s an imperfect world with many violent people and groups out there who are sorta half-cocked or worse. So responses must be appropriately gauged. To drag out the old stock example, which I think is valid: If the Allies hadn’t stood up against the Axis powers, where would the world be now?
    Again, a wonderful ideal and I wish our world was like that. But I think we have to wait ’till heaven to see it fully in action.

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    1. Yes, unfortunately this is a fictional War and Peace story. The harsh reality that is likely would have to follow a just war direction or face annihilation by the unjust, merciless, psychopathic warriors that plague the good people of the world.

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  2. If I had looked more carefully I would have seen the category and better understood. We need ideals and idealists. Most of all we need to, as the old Moody Blues tune puts it, “keep on thinking free.”

    (I love the crazed analog computer in this…) 🙂

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