Man of Faith: The Humanistic Scientist

Pillars of Belief:

I. Adherence to ideational, experiential, sociocultural, and relativistic paradigms; which are founded on scientific and empirical principles. These are assumed to be granted by our human cognition.

II. Agnosticism and guarded skepticism of absolutes. Coupled with an acceptance of human limitations of knowledge (acquisition, maintenance, development, and other manipulations of information and knowledge).

III. This faithful behavioral pattern is innately non-hegemonic; as agnosticism is inherent to this perspective. In other words: this belief system cannot be preached nor forced upon a person. It is held self-evident per believer and holds no true validity. So nothing can be known such that it’s believable enough to preach. Things are always uncertain or novel.

This belief believes in belief. So if someone believes something, it is real. It exists. In their mind for sure. Outside it, we don’t know. But the sheer fact that they believe it is enough for me to believe it too. All in all, I believe it’s all in the neurons.

So, my conviction manifests as a man holding faith in science, humanism, and their philosophy. I believe in science and humanism. I have faith this is the path to righteousness. I am a man of faith, a man of humanity. I am not a man of God in any specific sense, but I am willing to stand with, under, or over any god nonetheless.


  1. Those neurons! You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them! Whatcha gonna do!

    You had me at belief! So much of what we go through life colors our beliefs. I imagine an atheist being disillusioned by his religious upbringing that he no longer believes in God. Then you have the atheist who through experiences, has an epiphany and suddenly… Jesus saves him and God is his salvation.

    Is it just the neurons? Or are we all connected somehow, a network of neurons, a collective collaborative existence, where we all contribute to that which is incited by our own neurons? 😮

    Man! My brain just broke down a bit. Haven’t had that feeling in a while. Not even sure any of what I said makes sense. All I know… your nuggets are quite engaging.

    Hugs! 😂

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            1. Well, I reckon I can’t physically give a hug in this context, but via the internet I can do so digitally. Or maybe “binary hug” is more accurate of a term. Regardless, hugs have been hugged, and no mistakes have been made.

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    1. Did you mean this for me? LOL. I just clicked your link and saw this. But it was not in my notifications so it might be a random neuron floating around. LOL.

      Hugs. That is a lovely thought.

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    1. As long as you’re stretching something. That which easily breaks is likely daft, that which holds tension and sheer forces is enduring for a reason. We shall tests these things. But the test results are up to greater forces to reveal.

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    1. Thanks for saying that. Glad your religiously wise. If you don’t mind, I wonder if you follow a Hinduistic or Buddhistic perspective, or a hybrid of things?


      1. My religion is Hindu but i admire all religions n believe other religions’s beliefes.i am not a rude believer in my religieon but happy to call myself as spritualist.

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  2. I welcome this approach! I marvel at the intricate universe, from the oscillations of an atom that we have finally developed the means to observe, to the unique, if immeasurable qualities of “love”. Agnostics are far more reasonable about ‘belief’. And faith is not something to be feared or ridiculed. It is indeed (belief) a personal system.

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      1. Sorry for the double comment. It showed I didn’t reply until now. Nonetheless, my 🐕 based reply is much better suited for the likeable likes of you. 😉


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