How does the gravity of photons affect each other as they move?

Photons are massless and so do not influence the gravitational field. They do propagate through space-time, which is influenced by mass-bearing particles. So photons are involved with gravity only by curvature of space; but they cannot contribute to this curvature.


      1. Well… I was thinking more about the movement. The movement and gravity. Life and circumstances. Something like that. Still very poetic. Interesting point of conversation though. Could go anywhere eh?


        1. You got me on this one. I’ll have to think about it. Thanks. I’m pondering if time itself could be the thing we can’t influence but it influences us. As that is the fundamental relation here (photons don’t influence gravity but it influences them)

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        1. Mel, my sincere apologies if I appeared to making fun. I meant (admittedly awkwardly now I see) that your analogy (a wise one) made me smile/chuckle with how perceptive it is.

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          1. Awww… no worries. I laughed myself because I was like… was I being witty or… LOL. I knew I wasn’t being witty. Thank you D… have a lovely whatever time zone you’re in. Hugs!

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