What’s something that sucks about being white?

Disclaimer: I almost ignored this question but I figured it was fitting for this blog, as it’s a broad spectrum of life we must consider. I must give a disclaimer that my answer is a humanistic response and should not be considered as anything deeper than me – an anthropologist – answering for the sake of goodness to humanity. That said, with a thoughtful and non-judgmental mind see my answer to this Q&A request:

What’s something that sucks about being white?

Being assumed racist. Which means racism persists. Now against Caucasians. But not fully. I don’t know…. I’m Irish among other things north Europe. So I’m historically as biased against as high melanin folk. Why am I considered – by MY melanin – an enemy? On top of that I’ve lived in poverty as many of my generations before me. That sucks for my white being. Blah, blah; cry, cry. Now to the positive twist:

What doesn’t suck, is that I can see beyond melanin and culture to love all. That too sucks for my being…. but in this sense, it sucks in love to spew equally and opposite love back to my fellow man. Newton and I got this. Even Hawking. I’m a black hole of loving kindness which must reach a thermodynamic threshold in which it radiates back out.

And if you have read this far, then I ask you engage this equal-opposite force too.

See: My explanation of the race-typology-error.


  1. I can understand you, all that is left is to show understanding that all those messing about with colours are wasting the times we received to live on this planet earth. Might be not a lot of us do realise this.

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