What are the advantages and disadvantages of social anthropology?

Advantages: consideration of relativism and context, case studies, scientific humanism, ideationalism and experientialism

Disadvantages: weakness for accounting small samples, over-interpretation, lack of objectification

This is just to touch the surface, as social anthropology is the study of humans in a psychological, social, and cultural perspective; and so with many paradigms, frameworks, and perspectives of study. Thusly, the advantages and disadvantages are intrinsic to the anthropologist (such as their style and goals) moreso than the sub-field itself.

I must emphasize, sociocultural anthropology has the ultimate advantage of seeing others (everyone) as your teacher. You just need to hear the lesson. Take this advantage with you regardless of your field of study.


    1. Luckily anthropology is something you can study from reading and every little bit you learn can help you be better in any line of work, let alone with relationships and meeting new people.

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