The problem of other minds

Their minds are not real minds, or are not anything like my mind, or their minds are just in my mind.

No, this is not an insane ramble. This is a philosophy argument; and a physically possible one. This argument has no realistic hypothesis or physical evidence to statistically confirm or deny it. Really, all I do – and perhaps you too – know is that you exist because you’re sentient right now (“I think therefore I am”, i.e. Rene DeScarte style).

So logically, it’s fair to have at least a bit of a problem about what you believe about other minds. Yeah? For instance, you can’t prove if I’m telling you this to make you believe I’m truly an extrinsic human mind (but I may just be an alien or a robot), or that I’m the one certain proof that at least one mind exists out there you can believe in. Talk about a theory of mind with a problem of other minds.

Personally, I prefer to just believe all apparent human minds are 100% legitimate minds; minds like mine. However, I can’t argue against any doubters.

Good luck out there mind problem solvers!

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