What is the value of taking a linguistic class in college if you are not a linguistic major?

It makes a better learner in many ways and is a very wise class to take for any student as I’ll make clear. First, don’t you use language to learn everything? You don’t take university English (in the U.S.) to learn to read you take it to enhance your abilities of understanding and communication. A linguistic class is not only a social science, philosophy course, and exercise of abstract thinking, but a way to improve your understanding of others, clarifies how language works, changes the mundane or granted to appreciation of its complexity. You have to realize the cognition involved, the evolutionary steps, the diversity across societies and how it greatly influences worldview and culture, and how it’s pretty amazing we can just understand a sentence. These things will make you a better learner in any course of study and likely make you a better human in general, beyond just communication. A linguistic course does more than overview languages of the world, it has to delve deep into the nature of humans and it often is very challenging and so developmental. Further, in a more general sense of wondering if you should study something apparently irrelevant to you, engaging in a school of thought different from your track is very helpful for facilitating your critical thinking and problem solving as you have developed new modes of thinking that stick with you after the course is done.  Another reason why you should seek challenging courses and not easy or well-known studies. Linguistics is a top course I would recommend to a beginning college student who wants to get ahead and invest wisely. It’s a mental developer in general but also it will enhance your ability to learn and build relationships as you’ll be more thoughtful and proficient in the primary mode of education. Language is how humans learn to such great heights and express their knowledge. I would specifically recommend introduction to linguistic anthropology as it’s often has a richer more applicable content that is immediately valuable to anyone. While were at it I’ll urge you to study another language for the experience and skill but also for the mind improving benefits.

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